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Woman I Am Recovery Renewal Retreat

The WIAM Recovery Renewal Retreat can be offered as a day or multi-day event. It is a spiritual, experiential process that addresses any areas in your mind, body or spirit that may be blocking your recovery journey. The retreat is designed for any woman interested in optimal living, and/or those in 12 step recovery. It is excellent for women to begin to address trauma, recovery and/or grief challenges.

Staff Renewal

An excellent opportunity for your organization to prevent compassion fatigue and encourage self-care. This workshop can be tailored to your needs and provides a time to re-charge, relax, and re-connect. Designed for those working in the addiction and mental health field.

Authentic Movement 

Authentic Movement is a mindful movement exploration. It is often practiced to create safety in the body and to clear emotional blocks. It gently address issues including addiction recovery, trauma and grief. This practice can be tailored to individual needs either as a workshop, group process or retreat.

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