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Calming Movement

Simple calming movement/gesture:

Put your hand on your forehead.

Breathe in and out slowly.

Say out loud or inside: "Quiet Mind"

Put your hand now on your heart.

Breathe in and out slowly and say "Calm Heart"

Repeat as needed to welcome your peaceful self in.

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These, for me, were All wonderful, wonderful! Present Moments: I gleaned so much needed kind, intelligent help, I feel I owe you both! I am normally a (somewhat) relaxed person, but since about mid March, with gloomy skies and cold weather, lock up, I was seriously trying to cope. Then the Racial (Crisis doesnt cover it) — it was too much and thought at my age I couldnt handle this stress! The only tool I had was The old stand by: Deep Breathes and getting “lost“ in books. Luckily sunny skies arrived and your soothing Videos. Thank you Thankyou.

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